Friday, June 24, 2011

Loom knitting

I try to give everything crafty ago. Somethings I am just terrible at and some I am happy with. See knitting with needles not so good, loom knitting pretty happy. Well to be fair is it pretty repetitive and pretty simple. I have made a number of scarves, a baby blanket and I have made two long panel that need sewing together which will be a blanket for Ryan's bed. But I don't know how to sew them together in a nice way. Two words You Tube. You tube taught me a couple of different looming techniques and how to cast off. CRAZY! So really I just have to search and I am sure I can find a way to join the blanket together. Any way the scarf. I used a lovely dusty pink teamed with a smokey grey. I quite like pink and grey together. I used the second to smallest loom. I really should have stuck with the smaller one as the scarf is super heavy and used about $70 of wool. So I am now the proud owner of a super expensive scarf. The smaller loom is perfectly nice, it is what I have used in the past and usually only need two big balls of wool, so about $25 ish worth of wool. I used 100% wool.
I want to get some of the round looms and have a go at making a hat. But then I kind of think how little I wear woolen hats, how much the looms cost and is it worth it. So I guess I will see.

My darling friend has lent me her sewing machine. She is off on holiday for a week and I didn't realise that my next market is next Sunday, like a week away! So I am so grateful. I went and brought a whole bunch of merino yesterday, to fill in some gaps in the colour sizes and try a couple of new colours. Plus I want to make some skirts and a couple of tops! There is never enough time because I also want to play with the kids, hang out with Blair and do some quilting! Oh and it is 10 o'clock and I am still in my PJ's. But i have made a pair of leggings. Oh dear!


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