Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preparing for the next market.

I thought I would give the market I went to last month another go. I didn't do too well but now the weather is so much colder I am hoping people will be going crazy over my merino goodies. Well at least enough to pay for my stall site. I have a few ideas to make it look more interesting and thus hopefully get more sales. People were interested but I think they just wanted to touch the merino more than buy the merino. Well lets face it merino is pretty common so while trying not to sort ungrateful I found it difficult to be super friendly to people who just wanted to touch it. But anyway I am sure I have gotten over that, because it would be so nice to sell some more.

So to make myself look cool, I found a tutorial on the site which you could make super cute (and easy) mini aprons perfect for markets. Today is cold and now is raining so I made one. It only takes 2 fat quarters so it is pretty cheap too.

Here is the link if you want to make your own. I am think I am going to make one for a wee party we have coming up but instead of the bigger pockets, smaller pockets to make it a sort of kids pen/crayon holder type thing. Still thinking about it.

You know I even think I got the fabric from the Sew Pretty fabric on-line store! Gosh she doesn't even sponsor me!!!! I have no idea the name of the fabric but it is bright and floral and I think will at least make me look good!

Right we are taking the kids to the Cars 2 movie tonight and I have to get Blair inside from making the fence. We are going "out" for dinner too, good old food court. The kids love it and any chance to have a break from cooking dinner is good for me too!


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