Sunday, June 19, 2011

My quilt along is coming along

I feel like I have been missing in action! The cold we had was so awful, it has taken til today to really feel better. All four of my little family spend hours in bed, watching t.v and pretty much unable to function. I had a couple of Silly Goose orders to get out and they took forever to get right. One top ended up being given away, I just couldn't do it.

But all good now and I have been quilting. Straight sewing is always good. I did another row of Ryan's quilt, so only two to go on that. I need a tiny bit more fabric but that should be finished this week AND hopefully off to the quilters by the end of the week. But I have been finally getting my quilt along quilt top moving. I am so so so far behind. Sewing merino for markets and stuff has really been taking up all my sewing time. So the upside of getting so much done in the last few months is that now I finally have some free-ish time. At the moment I am one and a half months behind. Hopefully by the end of tonight I will have the other half finished, so then will only be one month behind. Super exciting though, I have figured out, oh god the name has now left my brain!!
This ^^^ what is it called again???? Anyway I have been doing this and it makes it so much faster. A million times faster. So I went super duper quick and got my two blocks for what ever month it was now :( done.
So the next month is three blocks and then the five of them are all sewn together to produce the next row. Though in my lack of thought (totally because of sick brain) I am doing the following month, so I wont be able to sew my five blocks together for a wee bit longer.

I have made Ryan a new top, merino of course but I think will tell you all about it tomorrow, on a quilting roll and dont want to break it!


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