Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another party

We are in the first weekend of our 5 parties in a row. Ryan's friends are all hitting the 5. His is in the middle. So of course since they all are in kindy at the same age and our coffee groups is one that is still going strong, we have a whole bunch in August/September.
Since this year I am all about home made gifts I made another home made gift for this party. Finished 5 mins ago and the party is at ten, some might say last minute, others would say perfect time management :).I used this pattern, I found it randomly in a fabric shop a couple of years back. I have made Adele one, and the wee girl I have made the new one for always plays with Adele when she comes round to play. So I thought it would be the perfect gift. Even better I had every thing in my stash. EVERYTHING, the batting, trim, and fleece. I was pleased and free gift, well sort of!
Without the mattress.
And with the mattress. The family live in a restored villa, so I thought the fabrics would suit them/her perfectly. It is Poddle by Jennifer Paganelli and I brought it from Sew Pretty, she is on Facebook and has a website. Adele has been eyeing this up all morning, I hope she is still happy with her one.
Unfortunately that is all on the crafting front. It has been the first week back at kindy so all of our family has been a little tired. I feel I could sleep for a super long time! I still have to find fabric for my Crafty Crap sew along, it is the Boho Fringed bag by Amy Butler, I think I am a little uninspired because I don't really like it. I am sure once I have done it I will love it but...
Right time to get these kids dressed and myself through the shower!

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