Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dolly quilt for Wendy

For a long time when ever I asked Adele what the name of her doll was it was buba. So we all took to calling her doll that. Then one day out of the blue she said her dolls name was Wendy. So now we all call the doll Wendy. My first doll was called Vanessa, so I guess Wendy is pretty good.

The weather is meant to be turning for the worse in a big way, and poor Wendy is the only one in the family without a blanket. Of course I have house work galore to do, and get the kids ready for a party, still get Ryan to make his card...But by gosh we couldn't have Wendy getting cold tonight.

So I made her a quilt. I sort of made it up as I went. To begin with I cut the large piece of floral fabric I had in half. Then I used my gathering foot on my overlocker to attach the blue ruffle to the top of the quilt. Sandwiched it all up with a bamboo inner. I just sewed around the edge and turned it in the right way and top stitched. Plus appliqued a patchwork heart. For the heart I cut out the shape of the heart from a piece of left over batting. Then I cut strips from the scrappy pieces of the fabric. Sewed them directly on to the heart until it was all covered and then sewed it on to the quilt. All done. Took maybe 30 mins. I am pretty pleased with it.

Most importantly Wendy will be all warm.


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