Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas fever

So firstly I have been working on my decoration swap run through New Zealand Handmade. The brief was something along the lines of a small decoration for the tree. Now I have no idea why but I looked and read the instructions for what I made and it is really not what I thought it would look like. Well it is what I thought it would look like just a little bit bigger than what I thought. I haven't put a hanging string on it as I don't really think it will hang in a tree. BUT, my kids love it and I know my swap partner has kids too so it might just end up being a little Christmas toy.
Above is what I made. I do really like it, I made it from my left over Flurry by Kate Spain. Now I have to make another two for my kids. And quickly too. My swap one keeps going missing, I find it hidden under their toys. But am posting it today, imagine if I lost it now!!
I have been working my butt off getting Adele quilt done. Last week I even took my sewing machine into a friends house so I could do sewing while Adele was at kindy instead of coming home, getting distracted and doing nothing. Both Friday night and Saturday was spent doing long straight sewing. My back was rather sore and I very much enjoyed my wine whilst watching the election results. (See a geek in soooooo many ways)
It is all finished now, taking it in to get quilted today. No idea if they will be able to get it all done in time or even how the Christmas dollar will stretch to pay for it, but when it involves kids we always seem to find a way. I guess the afternoon will be spent listing things on Etsy.
Wow, a very productive few days. I am so happy with my quilt top. It is the most involved quilt I think I have made and it the shortest time too. I just love being part of a quilt a long, so thanks to PS I quilt. She runs the most amazing quilt a longs. Her comments are always so nice and friendly. I only "know" her through her blog and this on-line quilt a long...but.... Adele is into Tinkerbell and one of the fairy's talks how she writes, so I always giggle when we are watching the DVD. A real American Southern sounding Belle. It is funny how you make a picture about a person from a few words!
Right, no rest here, I have biscuit mix in the fridge, should be ready. I brought a biscuit gun to make fancy biscuits. Adele and I were both rather excited, but the gun didn't really work so it is good old circles. Plus I have an order to finish and get in the post AND two Christmas cushions.

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