Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dorothy Dress

The wee lass that I dressed to match Ryan for their first kindy disco is now off to her first school disco. They don't go to the same school so there was no dressing them matching this time. But the theme for her school disco was Book Character (I think). I got a text asking if there was any chance to make a Dorothy dress. I will admit to having to google Dorothy as I wasn't 100% sure what she wore. I had a rough idea. Lucky for me Simplicity has a Wizard of Oz range. Simplicity 4139 is the kids version, there is also Dorothy in baby and adult. I don't know why but I thought I would be able to whip it up in the morning before kindy and then go for a run during kindy. But no, I am 90% finished. Just a hem and a bit of hand sewing to do. The dress has so much detail and the sleeves are amazing, even with ric rak heavenly!!!!!!!! I am so pleased with the dress, well apart from my zip putting in skills. I did mess it up a bit so I might have to get the dress back and fix it up. At this stage I really don't think I have time as the disco is tomorrow night and the kids are off to Blairs parents tomorrow for the weekend so I have packing and stuff to do. So apart from the zip I think the dress is perfect. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations of the Dorothy wannabe.
Adele has been eyeing it up so maybe this could be a good Christmas present for her.

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