Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Monique Dress

Tomorrow night our coffee group has its Christmas dinner. The mums and dads get together and go OUT for dinner, with NO kids. We usually go out a couple of times a year, plus us girls have a weekend away. And of course we catch up with the kids every Wednesday for coffee. I really wanted a new out fit so I made this dress today. The picture is pretty unflattering but it is a Monique dress by Boutique Chic. It is a 1950 (I think) inspired dress. I have used some old fabric I had from good old Spotlight. It is cream with tiny blue flowers over it, sort of vintage looking but of course not. I had to add an extra band other wise I am sure my undies would have been on display. I am quite happy with the dress. It is one of those amazing dresses that look great on any shape or size. Yeah, the more I look at the photo the more I don't like it, but honest the dress is really nice!
It was a rather time consuming dress to make. It has taken all day, with a good two hours no-stop this morning, plus it was all cut out and ready to go. I still have to hem it and I want to get some decoration to put on it tomorrow before dinner. I am not sure when that will happen as I have to work all day tomorrow. Plus I want to buy some new shoes to go with it. One wine tomorrow and I will be asleep!
I did get a whole heap done on Adele quilt, not many more retangles to sew up, so once I have them all done I will post. I think if I can get it done by Monday the quilter will be able to have it quilted in time. And OMG if you could see the state of my home you would know sewing has been full on, cleaning not so much.
Right time to sort dinner and maybe clean the kitchen. To be fair the kitchen has been the only place I have cleaned, but Blair brought some fresh bread that came covered in the kitchen benches, floor, everywhere is covered in flour. Man it tasted so good!!!!!
Right better get to it