Saturday, September 28, 2013

A wee Hat

So a little while back I was asked to make a couple of items which were going to be gifts for a friends friend type thing. Since I have pretty much stopped sewing for Silly Goose at the moment this was perfect. I love making individual things, I feel like they have a bit more love in them and appeals so much more to my handmade side. The whole getting something that is a more likely to be a one off type thing.

So I emailed a few ideas and we made a plan. This hat is the first gift. It's for a wee boy and I just think the records is the coolest ever fabric. I love the retro vibe of it.

I used a Issy's and Ivys pattern and made the Itty bitty size. See even the sizing sounds adorable. 

So this will be posted off tomorrow, I really hope who ever it is for loves it too.


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