Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new dress

I am in the process of making Adele a new dress. It was with the left over "Love" fabric from my purse. Since I love my wee girl it only make sense to make her a love dress. Right, I just had to stop to break up WWIII, so maybe Adele and Ryan don't love each other right now. One minute cuddles, the next Adele pushing Ryan into the wall. Frustrating! O.k the dress. It is a Pink Fig pattern. I got it from Donna's Quilt Studio ages and ages ago. It is on-line and you can find it many places. It has taken so long to start because the bodice is shirred. I just could not work out how to do it on my machine. I googled, read, asked and every thing pretty much said you can't on a Brother with out changing the bobbin casing. Well I was telling Donna this, she said noooooo bring it in and we will give it a go. So I did, and she did and what do you know, my machine shirred. Now I haven't done it at home, by myself so I am still to know if I can make it go. But at least I know I can head back into her and she can do her magic!

A week until my first market of sorts. I got invited to have a stall at a fundraiser. A whole bunch of party selling people, you know Tupperware and people like that, and then me, were invited to sell at a PlayCentre fundraiser. The only cost to us is donating an item to the big raffle they are having at the end. I thought that was pretty good! And then the following Sunday will be my first proper market, Craft Mad, at one of the local schools. So I am pretty nervous. So yes that means I did say yes and got my act all sorted. The kids are off for the weekend so I can finish up every thing. I have NO idea what so ever I am meant to do, set up, time to arrive. So I am pretty freaked out. Blair is working on the Sunday too so I can drag him a long for moral support. Thankfully there is a coffee cart there so I might visit that a few times!

Well best get ready to do the kindy run. We were up at 530am, amazing what you can get done before school.


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