Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next block

So here is the next block in my quilt along. I have three of these to make, so far I have just done this one. I quite like it. I got all excited because I thought I could sew some of the rows together, only to find that I must have cut the other blocks in this row a bit smaller, or sewn a bit of a larger seam as the other block is a bit smaller, so much so that I am planning to put a nice white boarder around the blocks. Maybe I did a little of both. It will add flavour!
It is starting to come together rather nicely.

I brought a new book. I had seen it on a few blogs and I really wanted to have a look inside. So glad I did. Very inspiring and now of course I have another 10 quilts I would love to make. Because I just have so much time, all the time in the world!!!!! I think there is one I will make for sure and the rest are great for motivation. I read a sewing book and then the next day all I want to do it finish projects. Surely that has to be money well spent.
A few twists on traditional ideas and how to achieve them. Of course now I want to join a quilting bee.

I need more time!!!!!!!!


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