Monday, March 21, 2011

And even more merino, a dress for Adele

And in continuing with my theme...A dress for Adele. When making this I have in mind that she will wear it over leggings and long sleeve tee-shirts. But at the moment, well it is too hot for all of those layers, and today is a very hot day so too hot for it even by itself! It was a bit fiddly to make and the pattern didn't really have a lot of information on how to make it, so I sort of guessed and I think it has turned out pretty good. Adele, well she loves it and has already worn it. Tapping me on the shoulder as I sewed, it is ready now, what about now, can I wear it now!!!!!! Very impatient my wee lass. The pattern is by Mamu Design. I think it is Scandinavian, or at European, hard to tell. I brought mine off There seems to be a few of their patterns listed. Some thing a bit different.
She was strutting on the runway for me so a little blurry. I am very quickly making my way through my fabric purchases, so I am guessing another trip up to Auckland next week at this rate. I think at least one pair of leggings for me, and maybe a few more skivvies for my shop.


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