Friday, March 25, 2011

Normal people go to the beach to relax, I go to the beach to.....

Make more chilli Sauce. Well to be fair the weather is awful, wet, windy and just not nice. I had my tomatoes sitting in the fridge for a very long time, some did not make it to the pan. So in a rush yesterday morning while Blair was sorting out the fencing for our cows, I quickly threw all the ingredients into a large container and brought it all with me. It is bubbling away as I type. So all I had to do this morning was blend it all and boil. Good system I think! I am rather interested to see it the flavours are a little more intense, or if there is any change at all.

I do a bit of jam making/preserving over here. There is a whole bunch of fruit trees and most of the time people aren't even in their places, so Blair and I wander round and collect up anything we can find. And I am rather excited to find a large tree that we used to find a bit annoying, long droopy branches in the way when we go walk is a walnut tree. Bring on walnut session!

Well time to check the sauce


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