Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My skirt by Modkid

Seems funny to be making my skirt from a pattern label called Modkids...but they do some really cool adult patterns too. Easy to follow and a little bit different than the standard Burda etc. So I brought this pattern ages ago (From Sew Addictive Fabrics) and was waiting to find the perfect fabric. And a couple of weeks ago I did, and from Spotlight. And it was not cheap at all. The sales assistant even asked me if I was aware of the price, sadly I did and I still just had to buy it. It was a bit different and quite summery even though we are at the end of summer here. I have even had the best comments about the skirt with one friend asking me to make her one next summer! The best thing, I think, it the yoga band, so even on your "fat" days it still fits nicely.

You cant really see, but the skirt has cute little tie pockets on the front and a ruffle around the bottom, so quite girlie.

Things have been a little slow around here and in my shop (Silly Goose on Facebook) my Grandfather died after a short illness and then we were meant to go on holiday, Blair and I, but the airline messed up our flights, apparently I didn't confirm even though I have a copy of an email and a confirmation itinerary saying we did. It was on their Air points programme so they don't seem to care at all that we missed our concert, had to pay cancellation fees and just on top of my Grandfathers death we feel a bit down at the moment. But the silver lining is we can take the kids up to Auckland for the day tomorrow and I get to go to coffee group today. So things are already getting better.

I brought the new Burda sewing magazine and I have seen quite a few things I AM going to make and Blair has given me the ok to go to me favorite merino fabric shop to get what I need, so that is rather exciting too. Now to find some more time hee hee


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