Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Free Day

My in-laws have a teaching background and since it is the school holidays, they are on holiday. Well at least not going into work for a few weeks. Every holidays,if it suits, the kids going to their place for two nights. Both sides look forward to it and I think both sides are super exhausted after the two nights. This time, as both Blair and I were working on the Monday, I asked if they could please come for three nights. They said yes, wahoo!!!!!!! This meant I had Tuesday ALL TO MYSELF! Blair was working a day shift so he leaves pretty early and would get home about 4 ish. I moved my sewing machine and all my stuff to the kitchen table, put E TV on and started sewing and cutting. And catching up on a bit of gossip.

I had brought 9 fat quarters I think and wasn't 100 % sure what I wanted to do with them. All I knew was large blocks to show case the beautiful fabric. I looked through books and complete quilts on Etsy and came across this pattern. I think that jelly rolls are quite commonly used to make the pattern, instead of the 2.5 inch jelly roll size I used 3.5 so all my blocks came out at 15.5 inch.

The photos don't do the fabrics justice at all! They are beautiful shades of purple and greens with a tiny bit of grey. The back ground is cream. So from Spotlight I found a cream with a printed cream pattern on it, sort of a paisley design. I had been talking through my design idea with a lady from work, she pretty much told me it wouldn't work. I think it does! Thankfully!! I am going to put a boarder around it but can't think what to do. I have a bit of the fabric left over so thinking cream, then 3.5 inch blocks randomly around and then a final cream boarder, so an additional three boarders.

I was a bit gutted about the lady telling me my idea sucked as I wasn't asking for her help, I was telling her what my plan was. I am finding that a bit lately, you tell people a plan or idea and they are quite happy to tell you they don't like it. Usually you are telling them with a bit of excitement and it sort of deflates you. When we would tell people that we were naming Adele... Adele, the amount of people who told us they didn't like that name, I thought rude. Especially as I usually had told them the whole reason behind the name before I even said it. Oh well lucky I have thick skin most of the time!!
This is my morning. I over filled my tart pastry and it went every where. At least the skirting boards in the kitchen are clean now.

It better taste good! It is the first time I have made so who really knows until it is out of the oven.


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