Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And the winning colour....

 So here was my pattern design. You can't see all the rough scribbles just off the page. It was fun playing around with different block ideas. Some where just one off type blocks, others were how combinations of blocks would work. It was fun.
 I went with the blue. It was funny, I got some comments on the last posting, they came after I had started cutting and blue was the winner there too. Blair was the only person who "voted" for the white. I am debating about putting a blue border or leaving it as is. It might over power it. I will have a think about it.
I have come up with my next design already. Have started working on it. Hopefully I will get to make a start on it a bit later tonight. I am quite excited about it, it is going to match the bunting I made a week or so ago. I think it will make the perfect gift. Well to be honest I have sort of made a start, done all the cutting and a bit of paper cutting and sticking. I do like to finish one project before I start the next. Well finish the top before starting another top.

I think I am going to sweet for when these babies all start arriving. Dr Seuss has gone to its home. The mum was very happy. I was sad to say goodbye to it. At least it is only to next door so I can visit.


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