Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My new Baby Bag

 Ages ago (as per usual at the moment) I saw this pattern on Etsy. I really liked it, just for a bag, I even had fabric for it. But the mood never really took me to make it. I carried the pattern and the fabric round with me for ages, just waiting for the mood to take me. Never happened!

Then for some reason I thought it was time. Then the problem was I didn't like my fabric for the bag any more. I still liked the fabric, just not for my bag. Since it was time to make it, I went into town, it was a Sunday, the store I wanted wasn't open. I had to go to Spotlight. I don't have an issue with Spotlight, I just wanted to treat myself to something a bit fancy. No worries I thought I would hit the quilting fabrics there. In the end I found three fabrics I loved and even better, they were all on special. So really ended up being a complete win win situation!

I really struggled with what fabrics I was going to use in each place. I love the pop of red of the flowers but didn't want it to be the main focus of the bag. But I really loved it. In the end I think I got the colours round the way I liked the best. I think, I am pretty sure. I guess it is done now so I have to like it.

The inside has a few pockets, I wasn't going to put them all in, since it is a baby bag I thought I might need them. I did make the pockets into more sections. Nothing worse than the need for wipes and you can't find them.

I have a little bit of this fabric left over, not a whole but I think enough to make a change mat. I have seen a really cool one that folds up with the wipes and nappies as part of the mat, but I can't find the pattern for it. Pretty sure I could wing it though. I am also thinking of maybe using the remaining fabric to make a small quilt as I have a few friends about to have babies. It is a hard choice. I am sure I have time to think about it. Maybe.


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