Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh No I have WIP

I am usually so good, so to have so many WIP I feel bad.

But it is all for a good cause, well sort of. First WIP is a quilt I am making for a friend. She is about to have a baby boy, November I think. She made me a stunning crochet jacket and matching hat for Greta. Naturally I wanted to make in return. I had a bit of the Dr Seuss fabric left over so I came up with a new design and have started that. I would have finished it but I broke my needle, had no spares. Plus I thought I had more white fabric, I didn't so I have done half the blocks, sewn together all the middles and just need to get some more white. It is going to be so colourful. I am liking it already! That is all the colour blocks done, 10 I think.

I finally decided what to do with my Little Apples Charm pack. Since I had done everything I could do on the Dr Seuss I started doing this at 8pm last night. Sure I could have gone to bed and caught up on some sleep but no I started sewing! It is going to be a super simple quilt. I love the fabrics so much that the thought of cutting them was just not an option. I have spent hours looking at ideas online. In the end I am just using white and putting sashing around the squares. Yes I have enough white for this project but not enough for my other quilt. I always get worried when using a solid that if I don't have enough in one complete piece of fabric that there might be a small variation in the colour. I am sure there wouldn't be but better to be safe than gutted!
Plus I have a cross stitch to do, finish the playsuit for Greta and make Ryan some more toy bags.
I am even in the process of doing some long awaited sewing for Silly Goose. Starting small, a couple of wraps. So lots going on right now

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