Monday, September 10, 2012

Storm Trooper Cupcakes

 It my son's 6th birthday tomorrow! Unreal, I can't really believe I have a six year old. That seems so old. Both of us.

He swings from Star Wars to Batman all the time. Tomorrow night we are having the grandparents over for pizza and cake. So I am planning Star Wars for tomorrow night and Batman for his party. I seem to have this desire to overcommit to everything lol.

 I was on Pinterest ages ago and I randomly came across these cupcakes. I hardly ever go on it, hours can go past very quickly. It's great for ideas and finding new things. But really is a brilliant time waster. So when I found these I pinned them and really wanted to have a go.
They were so simple, but so cool. The heads are marshmellows with a face drawn on with a marker. The silver cupcake wrappers I found in the supermarket and black icing. Easy. AND I have a friend who was a pastry chef and she gave me the best tip for black icing. If you buy the cheap food colouring from the super market, the black will turn out a dark grey colour. But if you make chocolate icing and then use the black food colouring it will be black! Brilliant.

I am planning on putting one in Ryan's lunch box so when he opens it up at school he will get a birthday surprise and then the rest of the troop will be his "birthday cake". There is about 20 of them.  He is having a party on Saturday and I am planning on a Batman Cake. It will either be a Batman Cake or a Black mess cake. Here's hoping the vision in my head matches what I end up making.



  1. Very cute well done you. I know what you mean about pinterest hours go past very quickly!

  2. Oooh, I had not thought about using chocolate icing as a base for black!! Thank you :) I made my dad a Linux penguin cake for his 65th birthday, and no matter how much black I added, it was still grey...and I gave up when the icing nearly curdled on me, so it was a grey Linux pengiun