Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Gosh I have been so busy. Kids are on school holidays so we have been doing heaps of fun stuff, plus the weather has become so cold I have had a whole bunch of orders of merino goodies, which of course is awesome. Tricky trying to fit everything in and give the kids some good attention!
We took the kids of a boating picnic over the weekend. Even though it was cold, the weather has lovely and the lake was like glass. So we all piled in, when for a cruise and has a picnic on the river banks. Pretty simple but the kids loved it. Well to be fair I think they loved having both Blair and I uninterrupted, no phones, computers or distractions. And it really was fun. We were pirates, of course and I just really loved the day. I have no photos, they are all on Blairs phone.
We have been having a bunch of play dates too. Ryan has a few kindy friends which get on great with our family and little Adele just idolises them, she wants to be in on all the action too. Poor lass, sometime they will play with her and sometime they wont. She looks so heart broken when they tell her to go away. But yesterday we had coffee group at her best friends house. So her and Henry had a great time. She will randomly come up and tell me Henry is her best friend and she loves him. It really is just so cute. Both of them are really lovely with each other, he will hold doors open for her and share his cupcakes and she gives him big cuddles all the time.
Right best get back to "work", I got orders for 6 items yesterday, two done, one half done, so only three to go. Plus I had made some for my "shop" and I kept them for myself, I just needed stripey leggings!!! Plus Blair and Ryan both want new tops, both of them look so disappointed when I take fabric out and start working on it when they know it isn't theirs. I tried to talk a friend into coming out to visit and maybe being my nanny so I could do some work, she said is unfair!!!!!! ;)

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