Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby gift

So in the end with my quilt I just did the nine blocks, bound with the light blue, which I quite like. It is plain but the rest of the quilt is so busy I think it works well. The back is some fabric I have had for ever, it is a different shade and probably not what I would go out and buy for the backing but it was on hand and I thought why not. Even the batting was left over from another quilt. And I think it looks perfectly fine. I kept it small because I have decided to give it to some friends who have just had a baby boy. I did the nappy cake for them ages ago. I thought it would be a good floor blanket, throw in the car travel blanket, in the pram, you know what I mean. Plus she has already brought for the wee man and fantastic cot set so really I didn't want it to compete with that. Plus you really can never have enough small blankets in those first few months. So I had two blocks left over so I made a nappy holder. Too matchy match I know, but really that is me to a "t"! I have seen so many of these on-line so inspiration has come from all of them and mish mashed into what I created. I used the two blocks as the front and back, put fusible fleece in the middle and the backing as the lining. Plus a fold over strap out of some scraps I had from the quilt top. It fits a few nappies, bags and I am going to get some travel wipes to put in as well. So I think it is a fantastic pressie. I hope it gets used but if not at least it has a new home.
I did the binding last night while I was watching the netball and in the end I had to put it down it was just so close, we lost, which is stink but it was such a great close game that it makes it o.k. ish. Hoping for an early night tonight.

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