Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another WIP, oh dear

So one of my quilts is on hold until some more fabric I ordered arrived, another is on hold , well just because. The children were watching a movie, it is bucketing with rain so I thought I would start one I had cut out a few days ago. Often when I am at work there is down time. So I take a project with me that I can stop and start easily. Cutting fabric is one of those. So I have been getting a bit a head of myself with cut up fabric. Then I read that Donna's Quilt studio has having a Face book competition. Make something out of her fabrics, load the photo on to face book and get votes. I had nothing that was recently finished I could enter. Sooooooo long story short, I want to enter the competition so I need to make something. It closes 1 August, that really isn't that far away so I thought I better make a start.
It is Michael Miller, not sure of the the lines name. I am starting with 5.5 inch squares, cutting sewing and then putting the blocks together, but not sure of the arrangement yet. I did draw up a plan, but I guess I will see what I do when I have all the blocks made. I have 11 I think to work with. It will be about the size of a cot blanket I am guessing. What to do with it once it is made??? Well I am not really sure. It sure will make a great baby shower gift.
I made biscuits today, chocolate ones, but now Ryan is 4 he knows ALL. So they are too tall and round so he thinks they should be thrown away. Adele and I like them and we have had a very heated "talk" about why they wont go in the bin. It may have involved some time in his room to think. The biscuits even had sprinkles! He is refusing point blank to even taste them. Might just go in his lunch box tomorrow, see if they get eaten then.

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