Monday, July 25, 2011


I have been enjoying simple things these last few days, sprinkle covered cupcakes and home made cheese. It really has been rather nice. I had friends over this weekend so busy crafty activities were on hold. So it really was a nice break and has recharged my batteries. So today I just had to sew! I finally, finally finished Ryan's quilt, well the top. So over the next few days will head over to my favourite quilting shop and have them put it together.
I am so pleased with how it looks, still not sure on the binding, I have some plain brown which I think would look great. I have a few weeks to decide.
I also made Blair a merino hoodie today, it looks very smart. Will post more about that tomorrow.
We are having a night away and I can't quite choose between taking my sewing machine or a bottle of wine. I really would like to make a dent in the quilt I am making for our bed, but I do like a wine. But I have have put on just so much weight lately and at some point I have to do something about it! Plus I want to make Ryan some pants, the dilemma!! Oh and I need to make him a top too... Best get to it then ;)

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