Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Dress

It is hard to believe Christmas is almost here. I haven't done as much Christmas crafting as I would have liked. Adjusting to having a school kid and a kindy kid, learning new time management for this and trying to keep on top for my Silly Goose orders. But this morning Blair was home and I had a couple of hours to "whip" up a dress for Adele. I went to Spotlight yesterday, a friend wanted me to make her daughter a dress, so we got sort of matching fabric and am going to make the same dress. Adele's is just trees, the friends has trees and owls. Of course this caused a very heated debate this morning when Adele changed her mind. She didn't win, she has trees.
The pattern is New Look 6796, I made dress B. Instead of a contrasting band I put a ruffle. I really like it. It is quite roomy so I expect it will be a tunic next year. Especially as it has the ties, there will be ample room next year. I hope.
Adele had her kindy show yesterday, Ryan has his chapel/carol evening tonight, just full on at the moment.
And of course I am my own worst enemy, I am planning on Christmas cookies for his class, a new dress for me and another sneaky quilt for next year. he he he

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