Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a bit of quilting

Merry Christmas to every one! I hope you had a wonderful few days. We had two days of Christmas and they were just fantastic. Great food, great company and all four of us were very spoilt. I feel very lucky.

Plus a few days before Christmas my "Make it Perfect" book arrived. HEAVEN! My friend has it, I have borrowed it a number of times. So I thought it was time to get my own. The author, Toni, does a great range of easy patterns. Perfect for the beginner sew. Simple yet explain every step so well. And still great for the more advanced sewer as they patterns are just so cool! I have quite a few. Plus, because I am such a geek, she was selling off the clothes used in the book, so I brought Adele the dress from the front cover. Bottom right. It looks very cute.

AND, now we are on holiday I have been doing some work on my, well our, quilt. I have finally sewn all the patterned blocks together. All 15 of them. On Wednesday I am heading into Spotlight to get the plain cotton to do the contrast blocks. All along I was planning white, but now I am thinking navy or another colour. I guess when I am standing in front of all the rows of fabric something will jump out at me. Well hopefully. We are away on holiday for two weeks, just over at the beach. I am planning on a bit of sewing, I usually bring my sewing machine with me, set up a wee corner and when I get the time quickly do a couple of rows. It is amazing how quickly something can come together even with a few minutes here and there. I want to get my quilt top done, maybe start this other one I have half cut out and make a few pieces of clothing for Adele. Not that she really needs anything but what they heck!

Right bring on New Years!!!!


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