Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another party present

We finally got to the end of all of Ryan's party invites and this weekend Adele was invited to a party. She was so excited I felt really bad that I had to tell her she couldn't go. We are away at the beach this weekend. Naturally she was a little upset about that. In an effort to make her a little bit happier we made a present for her little friend. The little girl is turning one, so I made a wee skirt (I think I have made one for pretty much every little girl) with a kiwi theme. The little girl is part Chinese and I wanted her to embrace her kiwi side. I used some of the left over silver fern fabric and I found in the fabric chest this awesome pohutukawa fabric. Pohutukawa Tree is a lovely native to New Zealand that flowers around Christmas time, making the bush have a red glow about it. A real summer flower. The trees are along the coasts and usually old and twisted and just have so much character to them. I love them!! The skirt..... I thought I would team the two together as a wee celebration of her NZ side. It is three layers, I cut the first about 4 inches and the last the same. The middle is 2 I think. Then I super gathered the second layer, by this I mean as gathered as I could possibly make it. It used about 4 or 5 time the length of the first layer. So super duper gathered!!!!! Then the bottom I used my trusty old gathering foot. It is a super twirly skirt! Like the most twirly skirt ever!!!!! Of course I now want to make one for Adele and maybe my self. Imagine how much I will need for me, yards and yards!!!!!! We wrapped it up with a painting Adele had done at PlayCentre, perfect!
So yes, off to the beach this weekend, a break well needed!! I am hoping to take my quilt and do some work on that. I want to make a bit of progress, mostly so I can start another one.

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