Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy old fashion housewife day

Today has been rather busy. It was a perfect spring day. With a slight breeze, so starting my good housewife day I think I have washed, dried and folded 5 loads of washing, including stripping down both of the kids beds. Whew and that wasn't enough, because that deserves a medal, I also set down the next lot of cheese. This is a THE best amount ever. Eight rounds. I brought a couple more containers last time we were in Mirte 10 and Blair added a few holes this morning and we were all set. This meant this time I didn't have to pour any down the sink. Every tiny piece was able to be collected and made into Brie.... come on the next 6 weeks.
Then once I had the cheese doing its thing (and the washing) Blairs parents had given us a big bag of lemons and Blair's favourite cake is lemon cake. Being such an amazing wife I made him lemon cake. Well Adele and I did. She is a great help. I can't remember if I have shared this before or not but here it is.
Lemon Cake
250 grams butter
1 and 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 and 1/2 cups of self raising flour
150 grams of yogurt (Today I used vanilla, I use whatever is in the fridge)
1 tablespoon of lemon rind (I also squeeze in the juice, extra lemony)
Cream butter and sugar. Add the eggs and beat. Then everything else all mixed in together. Bake 180 for about an hour. Keep an eye on it. I often turn down the heat a little bit after 30 mins or so.
So now while the cheese was doing cheese stuff, cake was baking and washing was drying. I put a chair outside and watched the kids playing in the back yard and sewed on the binding to Ryan's quilt. I picked it up from the quilter a few weeks back and finally have made a start on the binding, 3/4 the way round, pretty pleased. It is a plain olive binding, it was meant to be a teal but I cut them too thin and there was no way I was going to be able to wrap them round. I am happy with the olive, but the teal would have been nicer. The backing is cuddle fabric, plus it also has a batting so it is thick and warm and heavy to put through the sewing machine.
And to top off the day I cooked dinner! Blair was home in the afternoon and kept the kids entertained so I cooked lamb chops and mashed spud. Whew, I must say I am a little tired and looking forward to the kids heading to bed. It has been so full on and loads of smiling faces today. Even though it was so full on it felt more relaxed than the days we are rushing around doing stuff . Adele is already asleep and Ryan wont be too far away. In their nice clean beds. Heaven!

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