Friday, September 23, 2011

A new top for ME!!!!!

In a wee break from making the kids some stuff I made my self a summer top this morning. The weather has been so lovely that summer really feels so close. Loads of outside play and nice and warm. I love the changes of season so much. Spring and Autumn are my favourites for sure.
Righty the top. I made a simple singlet from a KwikSew pattern, 3407. I was happy with it but I wanted it to be a bit more. The sort of thing that if you are out and about and then it is dinner time, you still feel comfortable sitting down for dinner. O.k that doesn't really happen to us any more but I guess I can dream.
I had some lovely pink merino left over and it turns out to be just enough to do what I wanted. I barely had any left over. So dress it up a little I put a ruffle round the bottom. I would love to say it was all 100% my idea, but I saw a top like it somewhere and replicated it. Well to be fair I do put ruffles on everything so in a way it is my idea too.
Ryan has another birthday party today. This one is a drop off, so Adele and I are going to hang out together in town for a few hours. Not sure what we will do but it will be nice to have some time together, we do a lot together but it is busy stuff, PlayCentre, hanging out in the car and things like that. We might even just go for a walk. It will be nice.

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