Wednesday, September 21, 2011

French dress for a kiwi kid

I was really worried that when I started this dress it was going to be too small. I tried the bodice on when it was made and it just didn't seem to sit right at all. But you know I really should just trust these patterns, it has turned out great. It was the Wonderland dress (not the sprout) by Make it Perfect. This is the hardest dress I think I have made. Not because of the instructions, but just because it was tricky. It required loads of pins getting things just right and hence loads of pin pricks. Not so cool. It took me a couple of sessions to make it. With a good few hours of each session working on it. Usually I sit down and do from beginning to end in one go. But not with this dress, I would say 5 or so hours, if not more. Very happy though with how it has turned out. Adele has not taken it off yet, even though it still needs a hem. I really want her to wear it tomorrow so she might have to take it off for dinner. She is developing an obsession with Paris, so this dress is quite a fav! She has a few Barbie books and they are all set in Paris. Every time plays cars or anything to do with travel, she is always going to Paris. How nice would that be!!!
O.k, time to go encourage her out of the dress.

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