Saturday, February 5, 2011


I was going to post a few updates on this quilt I was making...but I just finished it instead!

The photos never really do justice, the colours are so vibrant and the white so crisp. And I am so proud that the lines are almost perfect straight. I un-picked a segment and cut and re-sewed and I am so pleased I did, it looks a million times better. I haven't made a lot of quilts, this is only my 5th over a couple of years, so I am very much a learner, but I feel this one is starting to make me feel like...a quilter! It needs backing and the binding, nut I just love it. Now that leads me to my dilemma, I love this quilt, but I was making it as a wedding present for a friend who is getting married in May, so now I feel a bit guilty that I might just keep it. I did buy the fabric on a whim for some project yet undetermined so it is not as if she picked this...or even knows about it...aaarrrggghhhhhh. Anyway the fabric is from "Here we sew again", they are a facebook based store, they used to be in NZ but have since moved to Aust and postage means there are cheaper options in NZ. The pattern was one I just made up after seeing a number of different variations on the web on the big blocks and white borders.

Now I have started a list of projects I must finish before I buy any more fabric. And so far I have managed to tick two off, the quilt was one and I made Ryan a wee shirt. It was meant to be for Christmas but oh well better late than never! I am putting in a zip instead of buttons and once this is done I will post a photo.But only 6 more things to go until I can shop!



  1. Wow that is just stunning I can see why you want to keep it! I am trying not to buy fabric at the moment and I am in the midst of a wedding quilt as well! Snap!

  2. I try so hard but I usually can't help myself! Good luck with yours