Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sew along with my-crafty-crap

For a bit of a break from sewing line after line, I came across this sew a long and just KNEW I had to join. The fantastic book that I got, Amy Butlers Style Stitches, well a lady who does the has started a sew a long, every month we do one of the bags in this book, starting at the front and working our way through. Brilliant I though and it really is. So I made this months bag, which was a basic reversible shopper. A really big size and would fit a whole heap of shopping in. The only downside is that with the whole "trying no to buy" thing going on, I made it with what I had, so the fabrics don't co-ordinate as much as I would like....But it is a grocery bag and it will work sweet. So this is it... the fabric was some I had left over from a quilt backing, it is really lovely and had planned on making Adele another dress, but really how many dresses does one little girl need? I can't wait to go and do some shopping now...maybe some


My dear friend looked after my little girl a couple of mornings back whilst my son was at kindy. We are planning on doing it as a weekly swap, I have her little boy for a few hours and then a couple of days later she has mine. Means we both get a couple of hours "off" a week. And really that's all I feel I need. So this week Blair and I went went out for coffee, we do it a lot with the kids already, but by ourselves was a rare treat. I could savour my coffee and not scold my mouth trying to drink it before tantrums! Was very good!!!

And to end on a super duper exciting note, tomorrow is the start of my block of the month quilt by Donna's in Hamilton. It is the first time I have joined in with something like this. No idea what the pattern, fabric any thing! YAY



  1. Thanks! Taking the bag out for it's first outing today, hope it stays together tee he he