Friday, February 25, 2011

party skirt and hat

This is what I made last night for a friends little girl. Her birthday is tomorrow and with no chance of getting out to buy a present I made this little matching set. I just love the material in the skirt, if I had more I would have made myself something. this wee outfit only used 3 FQ, so pretty pleased with it. It is from I think and it is the part of the Michael Miller range, not sure of the name. At least I think this is where I got it from. Or
The hat is from Make it Perfect (again) and the skirt I just cut 4 rectangles of the two materials, made a band and tread some elastic, so just made it up. I made it really full, just because that is what I like on little girls!
I am going to make some of the skirts for my shop, I have some more fabric from that range, but different patterns. I have a few likers so far, I haven't really wanted to go on too much about it with everything that has happened in Christchurch. But I guess, as sad as it is, life does go on. I have to stop myself from reading and listening as I have been crying every few hours about it all. I have the tendency to think about things way too much, about how I would feel if it was me and become a bit over engrossed. I will know all the stats and stories. So I guess yesterday I needed a bit of a break, so made some stuff. I have been in touch with friends and family and my Nana is coming to stay in Hamilton next week, and I am picking her up for the airport. Go to look after family!
Ok right, best go
T x

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