Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A finishing sort of day

I have been going crazy busy this afternoon finishing projects, I brought batting, did some binding and now have three completely finished quilts.

I am doing my first market, post Greta, so whilst I have a whole heap of merino things to make I finished a few quilts and am hoping to sell them. I am rather nervous as it has been a while and markets just do freak me a bit. Standing there trying to sell stuff. I might try and talk a friend into joining me.

So here's some finished work..


  1. They are just delightful,love the second one Tessa, best of luck on your market, people are on the look out for Christmas gifts. cheers Marie

    1. Thanks, I did a market last night, wasn't so good but at least it was a night out of the house. Thanks for the kind words