Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ruffle Leggings

I brought this fabric and wasn't really sure how to use it. I saw a nappy cover tutorial and thought I should make Adele a pair of leggings. She is super rough with her leggings and has worn the knees out of two pairs this winter. Today she had on a pair that was more holes than leggings. I said it was time to retire them and she got all upset. I had to bribe her with a new pair of leggings to be able to throw the old pair away.

It was a bit tricky to sew up, a couple of the ruffles were sewn into the seams up instead of down. But they are super cute and I have some black which I will make for her as well. I just love how they look over her butt.



  1. If I had such fabulous ruffly leggings, I think I could be convinced to part with just about anything! :-)
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful things as part of Blogtoberfest12.
    Kat xxx

  2. great leggings. My biggest is also very rough on hers, it must be kindy!