Saturday, October 6, 2012

Biscuits for Blair

I made a batch of biscuits for Blair. I am such a good wife. They are very yummy, half a pound of butter, yummy but fattening.

I wrote about the recipe here.

This time Ryan didn't like them. Too hard apparently. Can't please every one I guess! They are pretty yummy, I do like them.

I made Ryan his storage bowl. This is a Micheal Miller fabric (I think). So now the Star Wars figures have a home, well for a little while I guess.

AND a few photos of a scrappy blue quilt I am working on. It is a slow time quilt. I have cut every 2.5 inch square separately. Some of my scraps were tiny and once I started cutting the squares it was sort of fun. The best thing is it is very scrappy, very blue and I am just taking my time with it. I had to hunt high and low to find enough different blue fabrics to get enough squares. It was a bit like a trip down memory lane as I found bits from project of Ryan's when he was a baby. I know we don't need another quilt of this size in the house but I guess it is a memory quilt so I am sure it will find a home some where.

Every time I start a new project Blair asks who it is for... Its for no-one, just for fun.


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