Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lemon Cake

Just sneaking this post in today. Whew!

Adele and I made the best ever Lemon Cake. It is so fattening and hence tastes so yummy. My mum used to call it Healthy Cake, so I got the recipe off her so I could make it. Half a pound of butter and nearly two cups of sugar!!!! Whats healthy... the small amount of yogurt. Mum's are so funny!

The kids love to help bake and love licking the spoon even more. It's nice as I remember doing the same thing with my mum, she would always make sure there was some left for both my brother and I. It was always a bonus if my brother wasn't home, I got more!!

The recipe for the lemon cake is here.

Right got my post in and now time for bed. I had a friend over for a couple of drinks, it was nice to be a grown up for a few hours. Blair and I are still dealing with Adele being unwell and it is pretty tiring in the house at the moment.


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