Monday, October 22, 2012

My Cartwheel Quilt

I love Moda. Their fabrics are awesome and they have this great website filled with free patterns. It is great just to read for inspiration.

I had spied this quilt a while ago.

And I really wanted to make it. I had brought some beautiful fabric for a project and I hummed and haaaed about cutting it up for this. But in the end I pulled out some large scraps I had and cut them up. So whilst the other fabrics would have looked amazing, deep down I knew I had brought them for a reason and I am glad I used a bit of self control as the fabrics I used look pretty nice too.

I like the greeny/blue of the fabrics with the bright splash of colour. It is quite a neutral quilt which is nice as usually a planned neutral quilt ends up looking rather girlie. I am going to do scrappy binding of the fabrics I used. Still haven't had a chance to go and buy batting so the quilt tops keep being finished, folded and put on the shelf.

I do think this quilt would look nice as a big throw and maybe one day I might just do that.

I really am enjoying making these baby quilts. It has been great being able to try out some of the many patterns I have seen and loved. I am about to start a much larger one. So that will be nice for a change. I have so many of these baby quilts though that I really am going to have to part with some. So I am going to finish off a few and sell them. I counted, I have at least 5 baby quilts, two cot size and a few more sort of cut out.

Thank you have the kind messages left about Adele. She is doing much much better now. Amazing how being at home can brighten the spirits. So far the medicine hasn't messed with her tummy like we were warned and she is looking a million times better.


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